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Themed Weeks

Ideas, info and tips for your holiday, every week!

Do you prefer a holiday with sea, sunshine, sand and above all just lazing on the beach? There's nothing wrong with that!

But if you want, there are lots of other things to do and see while you're on holiday at Gabicce Mare, between Marche and Romagna.
This is why we've prepared a few suggestions for you, interesting things to do to help you explore and appreciate our town and its countryside even more.

However, the activities we've listed are only an alternative to lounging around under your parasol, so please think of them just as plain and simple optional ideas, totally free of charge… ideas that we'd choose ourselves if we were holidaying at Gabicce Mare!

Here are our suggestions for themed weeks:

The seafaring week

  • Saturday you could start with a visit to Cattolica market, where the mariner stocks up with all the right tackle
  • Sunday a day dedicated to fun and relaxation
  • Monday an aperitif with friends, because even wild rovers need a social life!
  • Tuesday choose between a walk round the harbour when the fishing boats are landing their catch, or a stroll along the shoreline, which do you prefer?
  • Wednesday everyone together for an evening out, we'll take you dancing under the stars!
  • Thursday after the market at Gabicce Mare, finally our Seafood Dinner!
  • Friday we'll take you to visit a fishing boat, and the captain will show you round, with anecdotes and explanations about the secrets of the sea (camera and leisure footwear or rubber boots recommended)
    Piadina of the week:
    try this one with sardines and Trebbiano wine!

A countryside week

  • Saturday you could start with a visit to Cattolica's weekly market, like all good farmers
  • Sunday a free day for your well-deserved relaxation
  • Monday enjoy an aperitif by courtesy of Km0 in Gabicce Mare, with a toast to the next harvest
  • Tuesday choose between a walk to the San Bartolo Park or a bike ride in Marche and Romagna, both great ideas
  • Wednesday dancing under the stars: the Adriatic Riviera is wild about music, and we'll take you out to dance to it!
  • Thursday after the market at Gabicce Mare, finally our Countryside Dinner!
  • Friday we'll take you out to the Km0 shop in Gabicce, featuring delicious local food and wines, talking to Simone who runs it, and maybe a few tasting opportunities!
Piadina of the week:
It has to be prosciutto ham with Sangiovese wine!


A romantic week

  • Saturday our tip? Take her to the market in Cattolica, so she can start the week off happily with lots of shopping :-)
  • Sunday a day for relaxing, and one idea could be for you to start with a stroll round Cattolica Marina, taking a look at everything that's going on
  • Monday an aperitif with friends, the time's always right for a bit of public relations!
  • Tuesday do you prefer the joys of nature with a stroll up to the San Bartolo Park, or our leisure and entertainment activities on the beach? We've got lots of ideas, and these are only a few!
  • Wednesday take out time to enjoy a slow waltz, while you're dancing under the stars. We'll take you there!
  • Thursday after the market at Gabicce Mare, our exclusive Romantic Dinner!
  • Friday the perfect day for a visit to the town of Gradara, where lovers Paolo and Francesca from Dante's Divine Comedy once lived. The medieval town of Gradara is one of Marche's most visited attractions. Ask us about opening times for a visit to the castle!
    Piadina of the week:
    what do you think of Nutella with a glass of Prosecco wine?


Can't quite manage to get away for a whole week? Well, why not try a weekend break with fine food & wine at Gabicce Mare!