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Restaurant Orto di Mare

The flavours of a land nestled between two regions

The point where two regions meet can do no less than give life to original flavours and innovative gastronomic traditions.

We’ve teamed up and told Chef Lio Vicario to feel free to experiment and offer us flavours rooted in our traditions and to propose a wide range of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with balanced recipes. This is where our menus come from, which Vittorio and the entire restaurant team will be able to advise you on.


Right from the first time you eat breakfast here, you will notice that “homely” touch. In fact, you’ll find both sweet and savoury products in our buffet, but our unparalleled cakes reign supreme and our home-made marmalades are outstanding, and I won’t even get started on the muffins! Biscuits, fresh bread, rusk biscuits, fresh fruit and croissants, as well as cold cuts, cheese, eggs and pancakes…

Alba and Marco and all the staff are always available to accommodate your needs concerning certain types of diets.

Somewhere between fun and tradition

We organise special aperitifs and evenings with themed menus at Hotel Nobel every week to allow you to discover our traditions: piadinas, fresh pasta, sardines and flavours from land and sea, all accompanied by a nice glass of Sangiovese!

Find out more about our themed weeks

Baby special

For families travelling with small children, the dining hall at Hotel Nobel has an area that is especially kitted out for babies with high chairs and children’s cutlery, as well as a kitchenette for mums that has a pantry, microwave, fridge, vegetable broths and baby food.

What’s more, the opening times of our restaurant allow children to enter the dining hall early and offers simple and special menus. Our chefs are also available to make super-delicious dishes according to mum’s instructions!

“The pleasure of a meal starts with excellent service!”

“Don’t forget to ask me about the Mangiaspiaggia beach offer and it will be there ready and waiting for you beneath your beach umbrella!”

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Great Family
" We had the opportunity to meet the Leardini family at the hotel in italy..Very nice people and the service was excellent..Good food and clean atmosphere..Being our first there with the family we had a wonderful time and will surely be back.. "