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image Hotel Nobel Gabicce
image Hotel Nobel Gabicce
image Hotel Nobel Gabicce
image Hotel Nobel Gabicce
image Hotel Nobel Gabicce
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Marco and Alba's travel notes

The best tours tested directly by those who have always lived Gabicce!

A stroll up to the San Bartolo Park

Walk along the beach till you reach the historical steps of Gabicce Mare. Walk up them to the left, towards Gabicce Monte, and after the famous Baia Imperiale disco keep left, and you'll find a special shrine dedicated to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. Then continue up till you reach Gabicce Monte, from where the municipality was administered in the past. The main square offers you a splendid view across Gabicce Bay. The small township lies behind the square. Walking back down, before the tennis courts you can turn slightly off the route to follow a path lined with greenery.

Our advice: wear comfortable footwear and take your camera.

Hotel Nobel viaggio nelle campagne dei dintorni

Bike rides between Marche and Romagna

Start out from the hotel in the morning, using our bikes, and head towards the harbour canal, cross the footbridge and turn right following the harbour, on the Cattolica side. Go through the port area and continue along Cattolica promenade. From here you can keep straight on till you reach the Le Navi Park, from which a cycle path leads to Riccione, through Porto Verde (extremely interesting for leisure boating) and Misano Adriatico.

Our advice: take a bottle of water (route without hills).

Hotel Nobel viaggio in bici

A stroll round the harbour while the fishing boats are landing their catch

Usually, between 7 and 7.30 in the morning you can see the fishing boats returning to the harbour. On the Cattolica side, you can watch as they moor and land their catch, ready to be shipped to fishmongers all over Italy.

A coffee at the fishermen's bar is always a fascinating experience.

Our advice: take your camera.

Hotel Nobel viaggio in barca

A stroll along the shoreline

The morning's most traditional pastime, leaving the hotel early and first heading towards Gabicce Monte, strolling along the shore. From here you can watch as the sun rises over the sea, and discover what the beach is like at low tide. Your walk can continue as far as the bottom of the cliffs, but take care to obey any warning notices. On your way back, you can wade through the water up to your knees, which is great for the circulation and also very good exercise for keeping fit.

Our advice: take a pair of plastic sandals with you.

Hotel Nobel spiaggia

Visit to the town of Gradara

An excellent excursion for the late afternoon or after dinner, when the town's at its romantic best.

Gradara is in fact one of Marche's most visited attractions, and it would be a real shame to miss out on a few hours exploring the walls of the old castle.

Our advice: use public transport to reach Gradara in about 20 minutes.

Hotel Nobel centro storico da visitare

So seafaring, countryside or romantic? What kind of week are you?

Lots of ideas, right? There are so many ways to live your holiday experience with even greater satisfaction.

Do not forget to ask at reception the mini guide of Nobel Hotel travel tips, with Alba and Marco tips!

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